Tea Festival

Day 119/365

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know by now that I like tea.  I really like tea.  I’m not a coffee drinker, just a tea drinker.  So, you won’t be surprised that today’s post is a re-cap of last weekend’s Tea Festival here in Toronto!  It was, of course, held at the Toronto Reference Library, proving that the link between books and tea is constant and true!!

DSC_0716Just some of my favourite things from the show.  A tea cookbook by Raelene Gannon, Tea and all it’s Splendour.  I heard her speak last year but her book wasn’t complete.  It just came out last thursday – and I already have a signed copy!!  (Be prepared for a post or two about earl grey infused scones or sencha pesto with walnuts!!)
DSC_0709 And of course I picked up a few packs of Tao leaf tea; coconut oolong and tangerine ginger.  It’s that time of year for ginger based tea – no flu for me!!DSC_0714 And lastly, Pekoe fermented kombucha tea!  I haven’t tried it yet so not sure what to expect exactly.  I’m sure you can figure out my favourites by now: oolong and ginger!

Tell me about how much you love tea!!!