Good Things

Day 55/365

After spending a few days at the One of a Kind Show I’ve found myself writing notes about the memorable interactions that have happened that really affirm what I’m doing and make me happy. I’d like to share a couple of my favourites.

-English majors, majorly into book anything. You know you’re on the right path in life!

-Talking shop with teenagers: discussions about book anatomy.

-A retired librarian stopping dead in her tracks to see handbound books. And then tearing up at something as seemingly simple as holiday book ornaments made with excerpts from A Christmas Carol. I’ll never know the reason for such an emotional reaction, but my mind runs away with the possibilities of her Christmases past.


The Toronto Journal

Day 53/365

I’ve been so busy making new journals that I realized I haven’t even properly introduced them!

Without further ado, I’d like to start with the Toronto Journal! There are three different covers to this series: East End, West End and Downtown! Available exclusively at the One of a Kind Show until December 7.


Day 52(?)/365

I’d like to introduce my booth-neighbours here at the One of a Kind.

Starting from the top left going clockwise: Cubits, Embroiderwee, Sugar Blossom, Carl and Rose, Art That Moves.

I’m blown away by the talent and craftsmanship of everyone here. I’m proud to be included in such great company! Stop by and say hi if you’re in Toronto, I’m here till December 7!

Rising Stars

Day 51/365

As you know I’ve been hard at work preparing for the One of a Kind Show. Running for 11 consecutive days, this is the largest show I’ve ever done! And I’m pretty pumped about it all.

If you’re in town you should come visit! I’m in the Rising Stars section, booth D49. For more info about the show itself, go here.

Wordless Wednesday 26.11.14

Day 50/365


On the road (tomorrow)!

Day 49/365IMG_1840

Just a quick (and really late) post today. Please welcome some of my brand new themed bookbinding kits! You can find them in person at the Arts Market and at the One of a Kind Show. Make sure to stop by and say Hi! (Rising Stars section, booth D49).

Even More Projects!!

Day 41/365

photo 2-5

Today I’m posting about a project I’m pretty proud of: books that are case bound using bookcloth I made!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, especially with all the fabric choices out there.

I decided to stick to solid colours, with linen and linen-like fabrics, I love the texture and richness of the colours.  photo-10

I finished these journals with sewn-in ribbon bookmarks, and corners to protect against wear.  I focused on two styles: a landscape journal filled only with 140 lb watercolour paper (I want one!!) and a portrait-oriented daily journal with a lovely large page surface to capture the day’s thoughts.

Since they are a limited edition binding (only 10 of each style) they are only available at the One of a Kind Show from November 27 – December 7, 2014.  If you want one, come find me at booth D49 in the Rising Stars section!

The studio on a Sunday

Day 47/365

It’s been a packaging kind of day in the studio. Packaging and organizing.

More Projects!

Day 47/365

In the spirit of productivity I’ve decided to post more ‘in progress’ notes. Above, the dried and pressed boards from yesterday’s post Continue reading


Day 45/365

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve got a rather large arts and crafts show coming up, the One of a Kind Show.  I figure this is a good time to showcase the processes I go through in making some of my products.

Today’s featured project: hand dying paper!photo 3

Testing colours, making sure to get just the right hues.  I use a mix of inks and watercolour paints.

photo 2

Mid-dying – yes, this is a messy process!  And I love it!

photo 1

A side view of boards covered with my hand dyed paper, drying in the press, makes a great texture shot.