*NEW* Bookbinder’s Toolkits

If you haven’t already met the new Bookbinder’s Toolkits, please take a moment to check them out now.  They’re lovely, tactile, functional and beautiful – I’m so proud of these!  And the best part; if you’re not a bookbinder, or you already have a tool-carrying system, these kits come with tools, and without!  This means you can use them for other crafts!  There’s lots of pockets and even a detachable tool roll.

I’m currently making them in just three colours: Grey, Brown and Dark Green.  I’m undecided if I’ll make more colour ways, most likely I’ll just stick to these colours for now, and if there’s interest I may consider additional colours or patterns.

To see the full line of Bookbinder’s Toolkits, go here.

As a fun bonus, these kits work well with my newest online bookbinding class.  You can see it over on Skillshare, and get a two month free membership by going here.  Yippee!!


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