Latest Projects: Cigar Books!

If you’ve been following me here for a while, you’ll know that these cigar books aren’t actually newcomers to what I do.  Maybe you remember my first post about them way back in 2014 as part of my 365 project? Rather, these are an updated version of a previous collection.The leather tie has been updated to a more robust reclaimed leather, in a slightly different hue of brown.  And I’ve decided to mimic the construction of the cigar boxes from which they’re made, thus using the entire box with very little waste!

I’ve put the bottom panel of the box as the back cover.  And the gorgeously decorated top flaps of these boxes are showcased as the front cover of the book.  So when the closed book sits flat, the boards sit in relation to where they did in their previous life.

For more details on either of these notebooks, just click the photos, or go here.


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