Boustrophedon Journals

A big welcome to the newest series of Sprouts Press journals: the Boustrophedon Journal! The beauty of this journal lies in the details, which are efficient and surprising.  Hard covers (cloth-covered), thick pages that can handle light washes and dry media, and a leather wrap around tie.  The surprising part happens when you open the book. But let’s back up a minute.  The name, Boustrophedon (pronounced “boostro – feedin”), refers to the pages and their folded construction.  When you open the book, there are 14 pages, 28 page if you use front and back.  Take it a step further and there are 34 pages if you use the 6 hidden pages!!  Yes, hidden pages that can be used separately or together as 3 separate panoramas! Perfect for travel sketching. (See my instagram feed for a short video demo of this: @sproutspress)

Learn more about the Boustrophedon Journal here.


2 thoughts on “Boustrophedon Journals

  1. Hi Carolyn
    Do you have a workshop on making leather bound journals? I am interested If you do.
    Beth Rose
    Grace Notes Press

    • Hi Beth Rose,

      Good to hear from you! Unfortunately I don’t offer workshops working with leather . . . you might consider keeping an eye on the CBBAG workshop site, they sometimes offer these sorts of things!

      Take care,
      Carolyn ~ Sprouts Press

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