Bookbinding Class at Paperhouse Studio

Something new for Sprouts Press is about to start!  I’ll be teaching two workshops in a new space: Paperhouse Studios!  This is a gorgeous, light-filled studio where all sorts of paper arts and creativity happens.  If you haven’t been there before and you’ve signed up for this class, it’s worth arriving a bit early to get a tea, check out the Koffler Gallery and the general community of the building.

An excerpt from the course description:
“Students will be introduced to the basics of decorating cover paper with acrylic paint and a variety of tools.  Followed by a quick introduction to bookbinding and the tools of the trade, students will then learn the Longstitch/Linkstitch bookbinding technique and incorporate the decorated papers.”

When:  Saturday June 10, 2017  11am – 3pm
Where: Paperhouse Studio, 180 Shaw St., Toronto
Sound good?  Go here to learn more & register!


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