Books, Photos and Paper

Day 42/365

This is a project that started a long time ago.  It’s had a few reinventions, these are some of my favourites.  There is a deeper meaning to these pieces and as a result they have morphed into other objects, but for now I’ll just touch on them briefly.  Perhaps I’ll revisit the longer write up in a later post.


They are books sculpted into dioramas featuring digitalized photos from special moments in my life, moments that I feel many people can relate to.  I’m talking about things like nostalgia, yearning and sometimes regret.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Consider the crowds in an Italian Piazza, the grand archway in the distance and the top of a carousel tucked in a corner.


One last close up that shows the paper cutting that went into these pieces.  They are detailed and intricate.

There is a small selection available at the Arts Market, and I will have a select few at the One of a Kind Show at the end of the month.


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