After moving house, getting back into a routine is always a bit of a learning curve.  A new space means a new studio setup.  I’m happy to say that I now know NOT to plan for shelving on a wall that is secretly concrete!  Unless, of course, you have a special, fancy concrete drill bit.  Needless to say, I’ve finally settled Sprouts Press into it’s new home and things are getting back to normal.

That being said, there was some catch up to do with my Etsy shop.  Everything’s in order now, some new items listed and more on the way!  To see these items (some new, some old favourites), go here.


The Indigo Journal

Day 9/365

DSC_0716 - Version 2

I’ve been working on hand dying papers with indigo over the last few weeks, both in my own studio and at Paperhouse Studio here in Toronto.  DSC_0704

After a bit of trial and error I’ve been able to turn the papers into things like this lovely journal aptly titled: ‘Indigo Journal No.1’.  I think it’s my favourite book in my shop right now.  It’s a handy sized journal, it’s thick with pages so I won’t use it up that quickly and I love the white-indigo blue-brown colour scheme.  Also, the texture of the washi paper covers is delightful!

There are more projects in the works for these papers, so keep your eyes peeled!