Please join me in welcoming the latest member to the Sprouts Press team – a Triumph Cutter 4700 series!!!  It’s a stack cutter that can handle 2 and 3/8 inches of paper all at once, when serviced and in peak condition!  Woot!!  IMG_3799

To be honest, I’ve dreamed of having one of these machines in my studio for a long time now.  It’s still a little unreal that it’s actually standing behind me as I type this!  It’s an older piece of equipment, worn in and well-used, but trustworthy nonetheless.

To bring this into reality, here’s a story about it.

We arrived late to pick up the cutter, damn rush hour traffic.  But it was still there, it wasn’t going anywhere.  It took 4 of us to lift it onto a dolly and just as many to navigate through doorways and narrow hallways out into the daylight.  We loaded it into a taxi.  That’s right, a taxi.  Then, once at my home studio, we nearly couldn’t get it through the door.  I almost had an additional studio space in the hallway of our building, ha!  However, we strong-armed it through the door, over top of the banister and into the safety of our living room.  

Next project: getting the Triumph into my upstairs studio.  This required negotiating a turny, narrow staircase, while carrying a too-large 300lb piece of metal equipment.  Attempt #1 failed, it was disappointing.  However, a new day brings new perspective and I figured out how to take it apart, which made things a bit easier.  It was still a heavy load.  Eventually, we managed to finagle it up the staircase without any yelling or tears.  Success!!
IMG_3798Next up, servicing and tune ups, blade sharpening and handle-fixing.  I’ll keep you posted on the status as I journey into stack paper-cutter land!


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